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When The Game Is On the Line

By Rick Horrow and Lary Bloom

Have you ever wondered how a monumental new sports stadium gets built? Why a major-league team “moves” from one city to another? How one city beats out a dozen competitors for an expansion franchise? Or what really happens behind closed doors, when billionaire team owners, cagey politicians, and pin-striped lawyers hash out the details that can make or break a city’s dreams to attract or keep a team?

In When the Game Is on the Line, Rick Horrow pulls back the curtain to reveal the real stories behind the biggest sports deals of the past twenty years, many of which he has brokered to the tune of some $13 billion in infrastructure investment alone. Since his first battles squaring off against legendary Dolphins owner Joe Robbie and a backstabbing Miami City Commission, Horrow has tangled with some of the most colorful figures in sports management and civic development, including NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue, Florida Governor Jeb Bush, and golf superstar Jack Nicklaus. The results have included new stadiums in dozens of cities, off-season training facilities, league expansions—and the bragging rights to go with them.

When the Game Is on the Line takes you beyond the bleachers and into the smoke-filled rooms, where big egos clash, coalitions are built and multi-million-dollar agreements are put in play. For anyone interested in the high-octane world where sports, politics, and business meet, When the Game Is on the Line is a must-read.


Praise for When the Game Is on the Line

  • LeftFor sports leagues and their franchises to be successful, strong partnerships need to be created across a wide spectrum of activities. When it comes to partnerships relating to sports facilities, Rick Horrow knows the terrain and has helped bring many of these projects to fruition for the benefits of fans, teams, and communities.Right

    - Paul Tagliabue, Former Commissioner of the NFL
  • LeftI’ve known Rick Horrow for many years, from our work together within Jack Nicklaus’ organization to our efforts to bring professional baseball to South Florida. At no time since I first shook his hand have I seen his passion for sport waver, nor his determination to champion a cause diminish. He is a true sportsman to the end.Right

    - Mike Schmidt, National Baseball Hall of Famer, Philadelphia Phillies
  • LeftI’ve seen first hand what Rick Horrow can accomplish by developing consensus between teams and their communities. He is truly an ally in business, and in his dedication to providing a unique entertainment experience to sports fanatics everywhere. Whether you’re a lifelong season ticket holder or casual fan, you’ll enjoy reading the stories behind the jerseys in Rick Horrow’s true-to-life book.Right

    -Jeff Lurie, Owner and CEO, Philadelphia Eagles
  • LeftDo not get in the way of Rick Horrow when he is on the scent of a new big deal! Through fascinating, behind-the-scenes stories, When the Game Is on the Line reveals his perseverance, moxie, and winning style.Right

    -Lesa France Kennedy, President, International Speedway Corporation
  • LeftRick Horrow’s optimism and perseverance against the odds have paid off again and again. When the Game Is on the Line shows that with a can-do attitude, an ability to see the big picture, and an unflinching commitment to see things through, you can overcome the most intractable obstacles.Right

    -Julius Erving, Basketball Hall of Famer, Philadelphia 76ers
  • LeftRick Horrow sees beyond narrow interests and knows how to get sparring parties to the table and sell a vision to everyone’s benefit. Corporations, officials, community leaders, and voters of all stripes can learn from the stories he tells from the trenches in this entertaining and illuminating book. This is deal-making for the new millennium.Right

    -Ronald J. Norick, Mayor of Oklahoma City, 1987-1998
  • LeftYou cannot stop Rick Horrow. Maybe you can slow him down, but only if you find a way to confiscate his plane ticket and cell phone. Otherwise, he is everywhere at once, it seems, maneuvering behind the curtain of professional sports like the man making the marionette move…And he isn’t about to downshift.Right

    -Greg Cote, Columnist, Miami Herald
  • LeftAny eye-opening lesson in high stakes politics, big business, and civic responsibility… [Horrow’s] infectious energy and positive spirit make this a must-read for anyone interested in the sport of business and the business of sports.Right

    -Publishers Weekly
  • LeftSparks of insight.Right

  • LeftA backstage pass to explosive closed-door meetings involving everyone from Joe Robbie to Jack Nicklaus. Power-dealmaker Rick Horrow tells the stories behind the stories.Right

    -OverTime Magazinecite>