Mission Statement

From its inception, Horrow Sports Ventures has been a leading facility development advisor to teams, leagues, universities, government agencies, and not-for-profit organizations.

Shortly before the millennium, Rick Horrow realized that he was spending a significant portion of his time doing media interviews to explain facilities financing, public-private partnerships, and infrastructure project implementation to the general public. What’s more, he realized he enjoyed it.

What followed was a carefully orchestrated buildup of Horrow’s media portfolio, comprising regular weekly television and radio segments, his own national radio show, “FOX MoneyBall: The Cost of Winning,” and partnerships with such online media sources as foxsports.com and BusinessWeek to provide weekly branded columns.

Today, Horrow Sports Ventures clients consider Horrow’s high media profile of equal value to his sports facilities expertise, and work with him regularly to develop content that presents their message while providing greater knowledge to fans eager to dig deeper into the business behind their favorite sports.

Key Personnel

Rick Horrow - President
Karla Swatek - Vice President
Betty Curbelo - Administrative Assistant